Course Duration

  • UG: 4 years
  • PG: 2 years
  • PhD: 4 to 5 years

Why Study in USA?

  • World Class Institutions
  • Quality Education
  • Flexibility
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Campus Diversity
  • Career Preparation
  • Research & Internship
  • Scholarship & Assistantships
  • Worldwide recognition of their degrees as the best

Types of Institutions?

  • Public Colleges & Universities
  • Private Colleges & Universities
  • Technical Institutes
  • The Ivy League
  • Small Liberal Arts Colleges
  • Community Colleges

Types of degrees

  • Undergraduate Degrees in USA
  • Bachelor’s Degree (BSc, BA, BBA, BFA, BCom etc.)
  • Associate Degree for 2 years (Health Science, Computer Information Systems, Accounting, Hospital Management etc.)
  • English Language Programs
  • Postgraduate Masters Degrees in USA
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master’s in Engineering
  • Master’s in Management
  • Master’s in Tourism and Hospitality
  • Master’s in Computing
  • Master’s in Accounting
  • Master of Public Administration
  • Master’s in Nutrition
  • Master’s in Criminal Justice
  • Pre-Master’s Programs
  • Research Degrees in USA
  • M.S. in Educational Statistics and Research Methods
  • Clinical Research Programs
  • Doctoral Degree (PhD) Market Research courses
  • Doctor of Arts (D.A./D. Arts)
  • Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A)
  • Doctor of Church Music (D.C.M)
  • Doctor of Canon Law (J.C.D./D.C.L)
  • Doctor of Design (D.Des.)
  • Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)
  • Doctor of Engineering (D.Eng./D.E.Sc./D.E.S.)
  • Doctor of Fine Arts (D.F.A.)
  • Doctor of Health Science (D.H.Sc.)
  • Doctor of Hebrew Letters (D.H.L.)
  • Doctor of Industrial Technology (D.I.T.)

Standardized Tests

  • GRE,TOEFL/IELTS for other masters courses
  • SAT,TOEFL/IELTS for bachelors courses
  • GRE Graduate Record exam
  • GMAT Graduate Management Aptitude
  • SAT: ScholasticAptitude
  • SAT need 1800 out of 2400 for good universities. Sat is a paper based test writing, critical reading
  • and Maths. Exams 6 times a year in May, June, Oct, Nov and Dec

Entry Requirements / Eligibility

  • Undergraduate: 10+2
  • Graduate: 16 years of education required (10+2+4)
  • Some institutions accept 15 years education into their Bridge/Masters Programs
  • Good & strong academic background
  • Good scores in entrance exams like SAT, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, IELTS etc
  • Strong recommendation letters
  • Focused Statement of Purpose/Personal Statement, essays & resumes
  • Certificates of achievement & extra - curricular activity participation
  • Strong financial background or good grades to get a scholarship

Academic Requirements

  • For Top Colleges: 80% plus SAT I (1800-2400) SAT II (700/800) in each subject. | TOEFL 90+/IELT 7.0
  • For Standard colleges: 55% plus SAT / TOEFL60/IELTS 6.0
  • Exam fees: SAT: $99 | TOEFL: $165
  • English Language: All students must have the required English language proficiency with regards to the course.
  • TOEFL Score: 90% for Postgraduate and 80% plus for Undergraduate studies is a decent score.
  • IELTS Score: 6.5 plus is required for Undergraduates and Postgraduates studies.
  • Over 2500 institutions in USA recognize the IELTS exams including several top ranked institutions.


    Intakes - 4
  • SPRING: January/February (Most Openings)
  • FALL: August/September (Major Intake)
  • SUMMER: April/May (Few Openings)
  • WINTER: December (Few Openings)
  • However all subjects commence in Fall and only some in Winter and Summer intakes.

Grading System

The GPA system is followed throughout the United States to judge student’s performance. It is graded on the scale of 0 to 4. Following is the evaluation of GPA.

Grade Points Grade Points Equivalent
>4 >A

>3 >B

>2 >C

>1 >D
High Achievement


Minimum Passing


Total Cost

Bachelor Degree
Tuition Fees US$15000 - 30000 per year

Masters Degree
Tuition Fees US$18000 - 30000 per year

Tuition fees to be paid after getting the visa.

Living expenditure
Approx US$8,000 - 10,000 per year

Work Rights

Accreditation: Six Regional Accrediting associations provide accreditation in six regions of USA - Middle States, New England, North Central, Northwest, Southern and Western.Whereas, National Accrediting Associations such as ACICS, AABC, ATS, DETC etc., provide specialized accrediting for various programs in technology, biblical studies, distance education etc. Work - Study Opportunity in USA. A wide range of job opportunities and work experiences are available for international students while studying in United States. Many schools in USA offers Curricular Practical Training (CPT) program which gives international students an opportunity to work in paid internships position while earning a degree. International students can do part-time work up to 20 hours a week during a regular session and may work full-time work during extended holidays, breaks and summer sessions. Employment with both on and off campus companies. Work-study programs for both Undergraduate and Master students.

Post Study Benefits

  • You will be permitted to work while studying in the USA on F1 visa.
  • Attempt to gain permanent employment through a grade scheme.
  • 2 years study and three year visa extension.
  • Programs stand in 3 categories - Academic, Professional and Doctorate

Application Procedure & Documentation

  • Duly Filled Application form
  • Notary attested ¬ documents : Xth, XIIth, Undergraduate certificates and Transcripts.
  • GRE / GMAT / IELTS score card
  • 2 LORs and SOP

Visa Requirements

USA Student Visa Guidance: Persons intending to take courses of study of less than 18 hours a week may do so with a tourist visa; otherwise a student require either an ""M-1"" or ""F-1"" class visa.

Documents required for USA Visa

  • I-20
  • Application form 156
  • 2 Color Photographs
  • Application fee 2160/- in favor American Consulate General payable at Chennai.
  • Visa fee Rs. 3600/- in favor American Consulate General payable at Chennai.
  • Rs.300/- in favor of T.T.Services (if dropping at Hyderabad)
  • Rs.200/- in favor of T.T.Services (if dropping at Chennai)
  • 10th Original or Photocopy.
  • Inter Original or Photocopy.
  • Graduation Mark Sheets (All in original)
  • Degree Certificate or Provisional Certificate or Course Completion Certificate.
  • TOEFL Original Scores.
  • GRE Original Scores.
  • Bank Statement Original.
  • Passport Original.
  • CA Report.
  • Valuation Report.
  • Affidavits.
  • Photocopies of all properties.
  • Salary Certificates.
  • Photocopies of all savings.

Time required to issue visa: 3 weeks | Average

Visa validity: Duration of course of study, or up to 6 months, depending on visa type

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