We require the resume of the applicant and his/her spouse (if married) to do an assessment. We will be able to accept a candidate for the Immigration Process only after the assessment is done.

Stages of the Immigration Process:

Stage – 1: New Zealand Qualification Assessment: If the New Zealand Immigration Service does not recognize the qualification obtained by the candidate, then the NZQA procedure is initiated.
Stage – 2: Filing for the visa (stage I): Filing for the visa (stage I): The application for the permanent resident visa commences at this stage. We will file the “Expression of Interest” to the New Zealand Immigration Services This process will take about 2 months.
Stage – 3: Filing for the visa (Stage 2): On receiving the invitation to apply sent by the NZIS, we will file for the Permanent resident visa. Verification of documents is done by the visa department. The applicant is likely to be interviewed at this stage. This process can take between 6 to 12 months.
Stage – 4: Visa approval: The NZIS will send the visa approval letter. The migrant levy is paid to the NZIS. The passports are sent to the visa office for the visas to be stamped. This process takes about a month.
• To complete the entire process for an Immigration Visa, it takes about a minimum of 9 to 18 months (Approx.)
• In addition to the above process, some clients are required to go through a registration process with the registration board in New Zealand. The actual fees to the relevant body are paid.
Job Search for our clients
We help our clients to source prospective jobs or job interviews even before arriving Newzealand. This is a 3 month job search process.

Applying for Immigration

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